After pushing gold depends on gold …

February 22, 2010

Never the gold price was so high, never the interest in the precious metal as big shiny – What do you buy the gold and be aware of sale

The gold price is currently at its peak. Just as the supply of scrap gold-buying. Even via letters gold old jewelry can currently make money. The offer sounds tempting. Packed in so-called gold-kits will be sent the old documents, money will follow within 24 hours. Who, however, takes a look at the terms of the company, which will not unduly sluggish in the stomach. Thus, non-precious metals for example, not bought, but not explicitly returned to the sender.
Sebastian Rathmann from Kirchhellen also buys old, on the teeth and scrap gold. “However, I rate the pieces at once,” he says. Payment is by daily rate. “There are also cash immediately.” Particular jewels, for example, are set with diamonds, of course, be judged by different standards. Otherwise, the price of gold in troy ounces (1 ounce = 31.1 grams is calculated). This is approximately 25 euros. “In addition, always be a need to identify the gold content, as well as there are degrees,” says the expert.
Sell Old Gold is one thing to buy new one the other. Even the precious metal is difficult for investors in vogue. Fears of a sharp rise in inflation, or even a collapse of our economic system have propelled the gold price in previously unseen heights. In early December, the price for an ounce for the first time more than 1,200 U.S. dollars. Still, “gold is not a safe investment – even if it is currently often claimed,” says the providers instantly. Anyone planning to buy gold, should consider some important points:
Gold is risky: Even if the gold price has climbed in recent months from a high to the next – Gold offers no protection against losses. To understand this, one must look back not even a long time: In fall 2008, the gold price by around 30 percent.
Gold is expensive: Currently, gold is more expensive than ever. Nobody can say today whether the gold price in the future continue to rise. But times: a general euphoria around a form of investment are rarely good times to invest in this type of investment. In addition, consumers must usually pay a significant premium to the clean price of gold bullion and coins when they buy – ten percent or more are not uncommon.
The retention of gold is expensive to be stored safely after the purchase has the gold. Typically investors to choose a bank deposit box. Also, the fees will cost. In addition, you should clarify to what sum of the contents of the bank deposit box is insured. You may receive an additional insurance is needed. Which costs extra money.
Gold brings neither interest nor dividends: Who is buying gold, speculates the sole fact that the gold price continues to rise. For gold investors, provides no current income: You receive no interest for gold as deposit or savings bonds. And you get no dividends from profits, as shares. That is, gold earns nothing. There simply is just there.
Gold brings a currency risk: The price of gold is traded internationally in U.S. dollars. This means that it may be that buyers make in euro losses, even though the price of gold has risen in dollar terms – only because the dollar was devalued against the euro. The devaluation of the dollar against the euro is also a reason that investors in Germany have so far benefited less from the spectacular rise in the gold price as investors in the U.S. – namely, the price increase is significantly less spectacular when it is measured in euros.
“Basically, buyers should only invest a small portion of their assets in gold. And they should consider whether it really must be gold bullion or gold coins – because there are a number of other investment products around the shiny metal, “advises the Consumer.