Free Price Fixing

Second attempt to present within a firm means precious metals … It does not communicate to me a price for all but rather an estimate of each room: 150 euros for my piece of gold, 140 euros for my necklace and bracelet 70. Or 360 euros for everything. 90 euros more, this makes a difference anyway!

Within this activity, each individual is free to set its own price, that is why he must take his time and compare.

Activities performed by these companies are transparent. You receive a certain amount per ounce of gold. What we noticed after this?

We note that generally, people interested in this type of transaction are traders, artisans, professionals, not especially in need. They have instead passed their lives and want to help their children … They then lend the family jewels, gold bars, etc. …

The phenomenon has boomed during the rising gold price. Everyone thought to have a serious booty … So people have scraped their bottom drawer and offered former jewelry, gold remains, etc. …

The gold fever is completed, the crisis not … as evidenced by this man separating from the watch of his father for 450 euros. “I do not give in for fun … but I need money. “


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